Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today we went to a beautiful park here in Nanning. We did a lot of walking and climbed countless stairs. It is a good think that Travis enjoys walking. We had to convince him to ride in the stroller to rest a little. He obviously had never been in a stroller before. He kept shaking his head no when we tried to put him in it. When he finally let us sit him in it, he sat real stiff and awkward looking and looked concerned about the whole thing. He quickly realized that he enjoyed riding and sat back and relaxed. Grace had a great time and loved exploring the park with our guide David. They raced up a huge flight of stairs and then climbed to the top of a pagoda. We also fed fish in this huge pond. Travis loved feeding the fish. He is so excited to experience new things and it is hard not to get caught up in his excitement. We c ertainly have not noticed his thalassemia slowing him down. He is full of energy and has decided he does not like to go to bed. He has been putting up quite a fuss at bedtime. Today we decided to skip the nap and kept him busy all day with all of the walking at the park and then swimming at the pool. Tonight he fell asleep in my arms after just a few minutes. Thank goodness for me, because I cannot hold him for very long because he is so heavy.

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  1. Hey there guys,
    Finally I can make a comment.
    Travis looks so happy but Michelle u lok so tired.
    I am so glad he is adjusting well to all of you.
    Love to all of you.
    Enjoy. Be safe.
    see ya'll soon.
    Love all the pics, he is so happy.